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Immerse Bible Study

September 23

Do you ever notice how chapters and verses can actually get in the way of reading the Bible? Sure, they come in handy to find that passage the preacher is talking about on a Sunday morning but those thousands of chapter and verse numbers can make us see the Bible as a sort of reference manual rather than a regular book you can just crack open and dive into.

The Immerse Bible Reading Experience was created to address this situation. Immerse presents the Scripture without the potential distractions of verse numbers, chapter numbers, section headings, or cross references. Immerse breaks the Bible out into six separate volumes and uses the easy to understand New Living Translation to enhance readability.

The idea behind this is simple: to have people read the Bible as a novel, as history, as poetry, then get together and talk about what they have read. Everyone reads the same selections during the week, then meets on the weekend to discuss the Scripture. The reading schedule takes you through one Immerse volume in eight weeks.

This semester we will be reading Immerse Beginnings which covers Genesis through Deuteronomy. We will be meeting Sunday evenings at 6 o'clock at the GO Center next to Mama Carmen's Espresso Cafe in Fayetteville. Our first meeting is Sunday, Sept. 23. Please RSVP to Matt Manos at matt.manos [at] to ensure your copy of Immerse.

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