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August 20

The new semester is about to begin at the University of Arkansas! It's an exciting time in Fayetteville for everyone. For many international students, it is the first time they will step foot in the U.S. and they are looking to adjust to life in a new country. Typically they are doing this in an empty apartment. Thankfully, we have an opportunity to welcome them with the love of Christ and provide much needed furniture and friendship to help that transition. We get the privilege to be one of the first people they will ever meet here.  

Over the next month, WE NEED YOU to help us deliver furniture and begin friendships with these new students! Whether that's physically moving furniture or just talking with the students, all is needed. It is our busiest time of year. 

We have the furniture. We have the international students. We don't have the capacity to meet all of their needs without you. We will have to turn students away without more hands on deck.

Please fill out THIS FORM with your availability to help out over the next month. Even a couple hours is huge! 



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