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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]are Ministry provides support for members of our church body. We care for the needs of:
  • newborns and their parents
  • people who are hospitalized, terminally ill, or shut-in
  • people grieving
  • women dealing with post abortion issues

For more info please contact June Lawrence at 479-530-1452 or ford.lawrence1973 [at]

This ministry is for New Heights’ members who, because of health issues, are unable to attend Sunday services.  The team takes the Lord’s Supper to these people and spends time in fellowship, prayer and scripture reading.  Contact Michael and Anita Blanton (479) 527-2761
Cooking Ministry offers care to those in need by setting up meal schedules for congregation members who have had a baby, have been hospitalized, or have severe illnesses.  Contact Becky Garrett (479) 263-1384
Cradle Care welcomes our newest members into our church family. This ministry has a group of people who sew special cloths for newborns. Contact Emily Garrett (479) 409-6658
We at New Heights cherish and respect all life, and we have a ministry that is designed to support women who have lost a child during pregnancy and to assist in the healing process.  This ministry hosts a Fall memorial service in the Fayetteville Prayer Room for women and their families who want and need more closure.  Contact June Lawrence (479) 530-1452 or Andrea Benson (901) 592-8706
Funeral Care assists families with funeral needs (providing meals and support according to the requests of the family). Contact June Lawrence (479) 530-1452
Greetings with Love is a card ministry. Cards are sent to our members to communicate God’s love and care as they encounter life. Contact Larry Russell (479) 287-0126 or Ashley Keylor (479) 283-2133
This ministry provides hospital or home visits to those in our church family who are not actively involved with a New Heights community group. Contact John or June Lawrence (479) 530-1452

Contact Information

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3011 N. College Ave
Fayetteville, AR 72703
(479) 527-6424
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New Heights Mailing Address

PO Box 8668
Fayetteville, AR 72701

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